Why does my Vauxhall Tigra show three previous owners when it should have had two?

In late May I decided to purchase a used Vauxhall Tigra from a Vauxhall dealership. I took receipt of it on 1 June. During the purchase discussions my wife and I were told on several occasions that the car had two previous owners and unfortunately the log book had been mislaid. I paid £5500. It took almost one month for the V5C to come from the DVLA and the first thing I noticed was that I was the fourth owner, when I should have been the third owner. I immediately took this up with the dealership. Eventually the DVLA sent me the car’s history. First registered keeper: New Car Plan, c/o ‘AT’. Second registered keeper: New Car Plan. Third registered keeper: ‘MNK’. Fourth registered keeper: me. I asked for a cash discount of over £1000, which was turned down. I have been given one year's further warranty and one service free in one year's time. I still think I have been ripped off. What can I do please?

Asked on 14 December 2013 by MD, Norwich

Answered by Honest John
The car must have been on a lease or a PCP. New Car Plan was the first owner, but sensibly nominated ‘AT’ as the 'keeper' because she was the user of the car and any speeding or parking tickets would then come directly to her. That makes two "previous owners" before the one on the V5C when you bought the car.
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