How can I improve my boyfriend's Ford Focus for use in snow?

I used to have an R-reg Mondeo that was an absolute snowplough in the winter and had no concerns driving it anywhere. Last Xmas my boyfriend gave me his 2005 Focus, which is very bad to drive in the snow. It skids everywhere, won’t climb slight inclines and just doesn't feel very safe at all. What would be your advice for this winter? Should I change the wheels or just have winter tyres put on?

Asked on 23 November 2013 by SC, Kidderminster

Answered by Honest John
That Mondeo was probably on 14-inch wheels with deep profile tyres. I guess the Focus is in 17-inch or 18-inch wheels with low profile tyres. The answer is to switch to 15-inch or 16-inch wheels, fit a set of four Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons tyres and leave them on all year round.
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