How can I improve my BMW 1 Series' performance in the snow?

I have a 2011 BMW 1 Series Sport. As you will know, rear drive BMWs are not much good in the snow. I live on a sloping road with a right-angled bend part way up and have a sloping drive. I can and do clear the drive and the local Council sends a large tractor with a plough for the road. It's not that much help, simply compacting the snow with its huge tyres and merely taking off the top surface. I've been wondering what would be best to improve this BMW trait. I've looked at Snow Socks but don't fancy the inconvenience of fitting and removing them. I've also pondered long and hard over winter or all weather tyres. Which brand would be best, and rear wheels only or all four corners?

Asked on 26 October 2013 by JG, Tarporley

Answered by Honest John
Try Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons, which got me up a 1-in-3 hard packed snow covered ski slope and also drove well on normal roads in summer temperatures so you can leave them on all year round. Do not ever dream of only putting cold weather tyres on one end. I once saw a hearse so fitted, but when that spun off the road in the snow one of its passengers was past caring.
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