What can we replace our 1971 Morris Minor Traveller with?

My wife owns a 1971 Morris Minor Traveller with just over 100,000 miles on the clock, which she has enjoyed over many years. However, with ageing bones (mine too), she feels she needs something slightly more up-to-date, now that both of us are well into our eighties, as well as owning an ageing Labrador. So far, we have only looked at a MINI Clubman, with which we were greatly impressed, but she was over-awed by what seemed like an overly complicated dashboard layout. Are all modern vehicles the same? Our needs are for an estate, with/or low level rear access for the dog and a simple dash, as well as good reliability. Most of the journeys are local, with around an annual mileage of 3000 miles.

Asked on 19 October 2013 by EC, via email

Answered by Honest John
A basic MINI One 1.6 petrol Clubman will probably suit. The one you saw is likely to have been 'loaded' with extras because they usually are. I like Clubmans. Note that the rear hinged extra side door is on the driver's side. Not good for unloading children, but excellent for drivers who want to chuck a briefcase or a coat into the back. The perfect car for you: a 30,000 mile 2007/57 MINI Clubman automatic with leather seats sold at auction on 7 August for £5700, suggesting a retail price of £6500 - £7000.

To dispose of the 1971 Morris Minor Traveller, try www.historics.co.uk. Classics buyers like a car like this that has the provenance of having been owned and driven regularly by the same person for a very long time.
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