What should I replace my Suzuki Jeep with for off-road use?

I am looking to replace my aging Suzuki Jeep, which I use in the Falklands. I have narrowed the list down to either a Nissan Terrano, a Toyota Hilux Surf or a Mitsubishi Shogun/Pajero, all diesel models. The main requirements would be a low ratio gearbox, ground clearance, reliability, relatively easy to repair, not have a host of expensive electrics, and not be overweight as it will be used mainly off-road. It also will need to be able to have off-road tyres fitted. I have discounted the Land Rover Defender as it seems very expensive for what you get. My budget is approximately £4500 plus the cost of shipping to the Falklands.

Asked on 19 October 2013 by RR, via email

Answered by Honest John
A SWB Terrano II is quite a tough old thing, still used by the Guardia Civil in Spain. Has low ratio and a centre diff lock. A really nice 67,000 mile 3.0-litre auto sold at auction on 7 August for £3250, well within budget. Don't know about a Surf. That was a sort of SUV of the HiLux. Not sure it had diff lock and low ratio. A Shogun Sport might do the job. The L200 is slightly smaller than the other standard size pick-ups. The best pick-up is the Isuzu D-Max (UK Rodeo) with the 2.5 I-TEQ engine, from 2007.
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