How can I trace the driver who damaged my car in a car park?

My car was scraped by a careless driver in a car park. He got out for a look and then drove off. A public-spirited witness left me a note of his registration, which I reported to the police. They said they could not prosecute him for failing to report an accident because it took place on private property where the Road Traffic Act does not apply. They advised me to pursue the driver through my insurance company. I am reluctant to do this for fear of increased premiums. Is there anything else I can do or has he got away with it?

Asked on 12 October 2013 by RC, Maidstone

Answered by Honest John
You can use 'Just Cause' to obtain the keepership details of the car from the DVLA, then pay the man a visit and inform him that if he does not fund the full cost of a satisfactory repair you will sue him for it in the small claims track of the County Court. Point out to him that you have a witness, and if he lies in court he could earn him a 9-month stretch in prison for perjury. Judges don't like liars. Here is the DVLA link:
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