Is it legal for companies to send me promotional material having traced my address from my car's registration?

I received a promotional mailer today, addressed to me personally as the keeper of a car with my registration plate. At first I was amused at the marketing, but on reflection I have concerns about how my name and address were linked to my car for marketing purposes. I live near Derby and I have parked perhaps a couple of times in the Westfield Shopping Centre (I normally avoid it as it is quite expensive). I have never used the car valeting company that is in the car park. I drive a Vauxhall Astra (although it is black, not silver as the mailshot states). I am guessing that either the staff of the valeting company take down number plates, or that use is made of security camera footage. Either way, I think, the marketing company must have some access to DVLC or similar data. Is this legal under data protection laws?

Asked on 2 October 2010 by CS, Derby

Answered by Honest John
It's one thing for these slimebuckets to get your name and address from the DVLA for the purpose of issuing spurious parking penalties. It's quite another for them to directly contravene the Data Protection Act by using details bought from the DVLA for direct marketing purposes. That is a criminal offence, and must be reported. If the Data Protection Registrar will not do anything, then complain to the police and the CPS and demand action for this criminal offence.
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