Can you warn your readers about scammers who target people trying to renew their driving licences?

I’m the first to admit my own stupid fault but my photo licence was up for renewal, so I typed that into Google and the first website listed deals. It was orange, like sites, and I went straight to the ‘Apply for your Licence’ button (again my fault for not reading the small print). It asks for all the details, charges £50 and then sends me a completed form to send to the DVLA that asks for another £20. What makes it really annoying is that for £20 you can do the whole thing online via the DVLA site. Can you warn people not to fall for this con? I have lost £50, which I can afford, but there will be many (especially those not comfortable with being online) who will not be able to afford this and it is a real rip-off.

Asked on 5 October 2013 by PB, via email

Answered by Honest John
The country seems to be infested with con artists like this. There is a similar scam over driving tests. But the DVLA should be able to take direct action against them for passing themselves off. I cannot understand why the DVLA has not done so.
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