Why does my Peugeot 407 need a new clutch at just 29,700 miles?

I purchased a new Peugeot 407 SW diesel in 2009. I put it in for its annual service at 29,700 miles in a main Peugeot dealer, and was told I needed a new clutch urgently at a cost of £900 including labour. I reluctantly told them to go ahead. I have been driving company cars for over 30 years, each one to a mileage of approximately 60,000 and have never had a clutch replaced. On a Peugeot website I found that other people have had similar problems with 407s so I contacted Peugeot to see if they would contribute to the cost as it appeared that there was an inherent problem.

Asked on 5 October 2013 by BP, via email

Answered by Honest John
Manufacturers do not warrant clutches beyond six months because it is actually possible for a driver to destroy one in 15 minutes. But usually the problem with a diesel is a fault with the dual mass flywheel. This should be warranted for the full three years of the standard warranty.
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