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I got caught stopping on zig-zags by a pedestrian crossing, can I dispute the ticket?

I have received a penalty charge notice from the council for the following “parking contravention", namely: “Stopped on a pedestrian crossing and/or crossing area marked by zig zags Contravention code 99 outside Stoke Station". The photographic evidence is maybe accurate, as their timed evidence is eight seconds from opening the door and driving off with a family member. The picture shows the car at the far side of a crossing at the end of the zig zag zone (one metre inside). Do I pay up or dispute on the grounds that the vehicle did not park - ie switch off the engine or apply the hand brake on this occasion and in total was only 8 seconds?

Asked on 5 October 2013 by RB, via email

Answered by Honest John
Pay up. The whole point of the zig zags is to ensure clear sight lines at pedestrian crossings, reducing the likelihood of pedestrians being killed. It was also an offence for anyone to overtake you while you were stopped on the zigzags, so you were theoretically blocking the street.
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