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Can I force Volkswagen to help with an ABS/ESP fault on my Golf?

I have a fault with the ESP and ABS lights coming on intermittently in my Golf, and the car starts to jerk and brake on its own accord when the ESP light starts flashing at very low speeds. I think I have the dreaded ABS pump failure and need your help with a letter confirming it to be a common fault in Volkswagens and how it should be repaired at no cost due to the Sale of Goods Act.

I am very concerned by this as I do not have £1500 lying around to repair the problem. I’ve read in forums that Volkswagen has honoured some repairs 100 per cent whereas others have had to fork out a lot more towards the repair, which I think is totally wrong, unethical and something that cannot be wriggled out of. Its a safety-related manufacturing fault with the part so the liability should be on VW to rectify the problem, especially considering the service history age and mileage of the vehicle.

Asked on by can repair the brake pressure sensor inside the ATE Teves Mk 60 module for about £400 or send a repair kit to the Volkswagen dealer. Any claim against Volkswagen should first be against the dealer who sold you the car. He might play ball. He might not. You can take any 'evidence' of this being a common problem from the various Golf entries in and you could also contact VOSA which, I think, pressured VAG over the issue without instituting a full-scale safety recall.
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