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Is there any reason I should buy a diesel Hyundai i40?

I am thinking of choosing the diesel Hyundai i40 Bluedrive SW for my next car. It has good economy, low emissions, a favourable insurance group and, to my eyes, looks good. I am, however, concerned that despite all of the above, I don't see many on the road or offered for sale. Have you any thoughts on this please?

Asked on 17 August 2013 by TB, via email

Answered by Honest John
Go for either the i40 or the KIA Optima, which are basically the same car, but the Optima is on a longer wheelbase and has a longer warranty. I actually see more i40s than Optimas. You should get 50mpg. We did from an Optima 1.7CRDI that we drove to Switzerland and back. Hyundai has now sold more than 650,000 cars in the UK and Hyundai/KIA 1,150,000.
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