Should I idle my Mercedes-Benz C180 after running to allow the turbo to cool?

I read about problems with turbos, in particular from not letting the engine tick over for a few minutes to cool down after hot running. These all seem to relate to diesel engines. I have a current Mercedes-Benz C180 petrol saloon, which I gather has a turbo. Is the problem the same with turbos in petrol engines?

Asked on 17 August 2013 by MH, Newcastle upon Tyne

Answered by Honest John
Older Mercedes-Benz petrol engines with the 'K' symbol are supercharged, not turbocharged. Superchargers are not run by impellers in the exhaust system so do not get so hot. However, since 2009, Mercedes 4-cylinder petrol engines have been turbocharged rather than supercharged. These turbochargers are water cooled with a pump that feeds coolant through them after the engine has been switched off. But it’s still wise to idle them for 30 seconds or so after a long ascent, after towing or after steady speed on the motorway.
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