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Should the location of police speed traps be displayed on signage?

I have been led to believe that police speed traps (of the hand-held variety, not fixed camera) could only be conducted where there was clear signage that a speed camera operation could be conducted. I have just witnessed a camera trap, of the hand-held variety, 200 metres into a 40mph zone from a national speed limit zone. There are no signs anywhere along either stretch of that road to indicate any form of speed camera operation. Also the police had a car situated prior to the trap, I assume, to caution any vehicles travelling away from the trap against signalling oncoming vehicles. Is a headlight flash to vehicles approaching a mobile camera trap illegal?

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Police are not obliged to put up signs any more than to warn that muggers, burglars, arsonists, rapists or murderers in a particular area will be prosecuted. It's simply a matter of good sense to put up warnings where speeding is deemed to be a problem (or a money-maker), so that there is no excuse and that prosecutions go smoothly. It is not illegal to warn approaching drivers of the potential hazard of a speed trap unless the police are able to prove that the approaching vehicles were speeding and that you were therefore assisting them in evading prosecution for committing an offence.
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