The clutch has failed on a used Golf I just bought - must I foot the bill for repairs?

My problem is with a used Golf that I purchased a few months ago. This was bought from a local Volkswagen franchise from which I have bought a number of cars over the years. Previously, these had been new. As the car was not expected to receive heavy use from me (about 5000 miles a year) it seemed sensible to go for a young secondhand vehicle, with slightly higher than average mileage. The car was ex-Motability, three years old with 27,000 miles when I took delivery. I paid £10,000. After about 2300 miles the clutch expired. I am advised that replacement of the clutch and flywheel will cost about £1300. Although the car is under an extended warranty, this excludes wearing parts, such as the clutch. I feel it is unreasonable for me to be expected to foot the bill for curing a problem that must have been due to its treatment before my ownership.

Asked on 25 May 2013 by BK, Alton

Answered by Honest John
If the clutch failure occurred within six months of your purchase you may be able to claim that the wear on it pre-existed your purchase of the car and claim a remedy from the supplying dealer under Clegg v Olle Andersson 2003. See:
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