Is the electric parking brake fault on my Passat common?

I own a 2008 Volkswagen Passat. The electric parking brake started to play up almost immediately after the three year warranty expired. It works intermittently. It regularly fails to engage and when it does work the engine quite often has to be restarted before it is possible to disengage it. My local Volkswagen dealer has quoted £119 just to look at the problem, never mind fix it. Is this reasonable? Surely this is a safety issue and the manufacturer should be taking action to investigate it and fix it. I'm sure I can't be the only owner of a Volkswagen with an electric parking brake who has encountered this problem.

Asked on 20 April 2013 by RH, Reading

Answered by Honest John
Standard problem on the 2005 - 2011 Passat. Has the longest list of reader-notified faults of any D sector car:

The post 2011 Passat is much better, but Volkswagen persists with electric parking brakes.
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