Why is my Renault's electric parking brake malfunctioning?

I have a 2009 Renault Scenic with an electronic parking brake. Recently the parking brake has started to intermittently malfunction. For no reason, the switch occasionally refuses to apply the parking brake, the associated red light on the dash and the switch both start to flash and the message 'Check Parking Brake' is displayed. If I then pull over and patiently keep fiddling with the switch, it will eventually right itself until the next malfunction.

I took it to the Renault garage where a computer diagnostic check showed no fault. However I am now in that situation again and I have booked it into the Renault garage for a second time. My car is still under warranty. Have you come across this particular problem before?

Asked on 8 November 2012 by AB, Congleton

Answered by Honest John
It is not an 'electronic' parking brake, it's an 'electric' parking brake. The rear calipers are powered by electric motors that live in a very hostile environment. Eventually moisture penetrates and they start to fail. It's yet another component with a limited life that is fitted to modern cars, but it is a lot more effective than any cable-operated parking brake could ever be.
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