Why are speed humps still being used on UK roads?

I fully understand the reasons for introducing speed bumps and chicanes: to slow us down, as a lot of us tend not to obey speed restriction signs. A few weeks ago I was talking to a Health and safety expert. Out of curiosity I asked if speed bumps and chicanes had ever been through the health and safety assessment. 'Not to his knowledge' was his reply. Would they pass I asked? 'Very unlikely' he replied.

Why? You don't force vehicles into oncoming traffic on the other side of the road unless by a controlled method; by the police or traffic lights. You shouldn't force 2-wheeled vehicles over bumps in the road, as there is no real difference to a pothole. And speed cushions (an odd name) can cause other problems. Cars straddling these can wear the inside of the tyres that can't easily be seen by the car user. This could cause catastrophic tyre failure at high speed. They can also case problems for 2-wheeled transport in wet and icy conditions. There are much better methods used in Europe. I thought these were being trialled in the UK and would to know if they still ongoing and the outcome.

Asked on 13 April 2013 by PB, via email

Answered by Honest John
Well assessed. But the basic problem is not common sense, it is corruption. The ridiculous previous government handed money out to councils to male 'road safety improvements'. Councillors and council officials allocated this money to favoured contractors to dump these obstructions on our roads. No one listened to any of the objections because of the amount of money they were making out of it.
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