Are speed bumps damaging my Skoda Octavia?

I’ve just had to fork out for a new set of rear tyres on my 35,000-mile Skoda Octavia 1.9. The tyres had 3.5mm of tread left but were “out of shape”. Curiously enough, the same thing that happened to my front tyres last year. The mechanic is in no doubt that it’s speed bumps in the area that has caused this. My wife drives it most of the time and she does not speed, but there are so many bumps in the area that it’s impossible to avoid them. Waltham Forest, where I live now, has started putting flat pillows on main roads (in 30mph limits) which I find have to be negotiated at no more than 25mph or else it’s too violent and, I’m sure, damaging. So not only do they waste fuel and increase air pollution (braking and accelerating), as well as causing vehicle and building damage, now they appear to be shortening tyre life, possibly leaking a small amount of air every time one is crossed which must make driving even more dangerous.

Asked on 3 August 2013 by DB, London E10

Answered by Honest John
Highly likely. If she 'straddles' speed cushions, that wears away the inner shoulders of the tyres that are abraded against the chamfered edges of the humps.
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