I'm really pleased with the performance of 'snow socks' as fitted to my Volkswagen Touran.

I saw your recent reply about snow socks. I have a pair of AutoSocks, which I have used three times. In January I travelled twenty-six miles in them on partially gritted and very snowy non-gritted roads. I found them to be amazing. In places I was driving through two to three inches of fresh snow up and down steep hills in a Volkswagen Touran. I passed abandoned vehicles and at times I was one of the few vehicles on the road. When I got to a gritted stretch of road I slowed right down to about fifteen miles an hour and they did not shred. There is some minor wear on them but apart from that they are fine. I would strongly recommend using them. They are not quite as easy to get on as the adverts make out but once on they are brilliant.

Asked on 6 April 2013 by JW, Salisbury

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks. Useful information to counter reports of them getting ripped to shreds on first encounter with cleared tarmac. All about common sense.
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