Why is Volkswagen's DSG so problematic?

I see so much about DSG issues that I have to add my two-penny worth. My family have owned three Volskwagens with DSGs: two Golfs and a Polo. They all had some jerkiness at times, but the last Golf was the worst, with excruciating delays and jerks when moving off. Press the throttle gently and nothing, press a bit more and still nothing, then a little more and leap away like a complete novice. Web searches revealed this as a common problem with the Mechatronic Unit but convincing Volkswagen to sort it took a great deal of persistence. A replacement is £1500, I believe.

After two new Mechatronic units it was resolved fortunately. www.dsgwoes.co.uk was devoted to this problem but it seems to no longer exist. The other issue with all the Volkswagen autos was that they won't tolerate throttle and brake pressed simultaneously. They won't allow driving against the brake to dry wet brakes, for example, the power just dies. This manifests itself as a problem at junctions if left foot brakers leave the brake depressed just sufficiently to operate the switch but without brake pressure. For this reason I no longer do it. We've also moved on to BMWs with torque converters.

Asked on 6 April 2013 by BP, via email

Answered by Honest John
VAG has extended the warranty on DSGs and S-tronics in China, Russia, Australia and the USA to five years. The brake interlock that forces you to press the brake pedal to move the lever from N to D may have been required after stupid Americans driving ‘one footed’ pressed accelerators instead of brakes. But Fords and Mazdas do not require this and it therefore presents no problem with them.
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