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How can I remove my car from my garage without starting the engine?

I have to use my garage as a workshop, as well as a safe haven for my beloved car to eliminate the worst of the British weather. Unfortunately, the garage was built by a thoughtless developer who minimised the size sufficiently to only accommodate a Smart ForTwo with ease. To access the shelves that accommodate the necessary items of a bloke’s garage, I often have to move the car from the garage. I have always understood that to start the engine from cold to simply move the car is not good for the engine as the condensation left within the cylinders can in time cause premature failure or inefficiency in the long term. Is there any product on the market, such as a fuel additive, that would provide protection or even partial protection to the cylinder bore to compensate for the condensation formed during a short engine running period?

Asked on 30 March 2013 by AA, Sherborne

Answered by Honest John
Starting it will always create condensation. I suggest a line of bricks or a piece of 4x4 timber laid across your driveway so you can push the car out from one of its ends without the danger of it running away.
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