Is my diesel Jaguar XF suitable for my mileage and driving style?

I am retired and drive less than 6000 miles a year in a 2.7-litre diesel Jaguar XF. You always advise that petrol is better than diesel for low mileage, but surely the length of journey time is a factor for consideration. I always use the car a least once a week and only for journeys lasting at least 30 minutes. This gives time for the exhaust to reach sufficient temperature to allow the DPF to burn off the carbon collected during starting. The DPF warning light has never come on since I have had the car, which is over two years. For journeys lasting less than 15 minutes I use my wife's petrol Ford Focus. If the car is used in this way then surely a diesel is appropriate for low annual mileage?

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Yes, that would work for a while. But you will still eventually have to replace those DPFs, at a cost of well over £2000, plus numerous other diesel gubbins. Basically, diesels work for doing 15,000 - 30,000 miles a year for three years. Perfect for company drivers, and for fleets because of the economy and CO2 tax benefits, but potentially disastrous for people who buy them from the fleets.
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