Why does my warranty not cover water pump failure?

Is it reasonable for a warranty company to refuse to fund the costs of replacing a water pump, and repairing subsequent damage, on a regularly serviced vehicle by stating that "The water pump would have failed as a result of reaching the end of its normal working life"? Would they be capable of specifying exactly what the life cycle of such a unit would be in terms of either time or mileage?

Asked on 26 January 2013 by RD, Locks Heath

Answered by Honest John
Entirely unreasonable, because they could say that for any component, rendering the warranty entirely worthless. If you were sold the warranty with a car by a car dealer, then take small claims track action against the dealer for both selling you a faulty car and a worthless warranty. Warn him first because he may capitulate. If you bought the warranty yourself, aftermarket, then if it's an insured warranty you can take the matter up with the FSA. If it's a self-insured warranty you would have to use the small claims track to sue the warranty company itself.
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