Why are the results of tyre tests not widely published in the UK?

I would like to offer a tip concerning tyres, as I have read lots of advice but no reference to tyre tests. Even amongst premium brands, let alone the 'cheap and cheerful' ones which are often a safety hazard, there are differences, and tests show these. I have looked on the websites of the AA and RAC but could not find anything on tyre tests, which is surprising because the German ADAC, Swiss TCS and the Austrian OEAMT conduct summer and winter tyre tests every year, results of which can be found and read for free on their websites. Unfortunately there is a snag: none are available in English, but the TCS offers their pages in German, French and Italian. Quite frankly, it is beyond me that neither the AA nor RAC offer these test results, because having good tyres can often mean life or death. Perhaps you could step in and offer this to your readers.

Asked on 26 January 2013 by DS, Taegerwilen, Switzerland

Answered by Honest John
A chap I know runs this website: www.tyrereviews.co.uk. It's a compendium of all the published tyre tests. The problem with most tyre comparison tests (Which? ADAC, etc. excepted) is that they are each sponsored by a tyre manufacturer, so you need to read a bunch of them to spot the clear winners. The AA and RAC are not the organisations they were over their first 75 years. They are now commercial organisations owned by private equity investors charged with maximising profit, but they still offer the best chance of a roadside fix if you break down
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