Tall woman needing car for rural and motorway driving

I'm looking for a car to suit country driving and a tall driver. I also do a fair bit of motorway driving too, and need the capacity to transport three passengers (all over 6ft), a golden retriever and luggage.

There are a lot of cars I simply cannot drive due to the lack of allowance for long legs (36-inch and long in the upper leg). Not very safe if you've got knees lodged round the steering wheel. I'd forgotten how difficult finding a car is.

I don't fit in into the Citroen C3 Picasso, Honda CR-V was hopeless, Mitsubishi sport models - no chance. The new Mazda 4x4 type is great, with the seat right back, but too pricey. C4 Picasso was also reasonable, but no support for thighs from seat so would be very uncomfortable to drive long distance). I'm looking to spend £8-10k max.

Asked on 9 January 2014 by feezer

Answered by Honest John
The best seats in a small car are in a FIAT 500 because the squabs are flat and long and the angle of the squabs is adjustable. But that won't take four passengers and a dog. You have less than half the money you'd need for a Mazda CX-5. Not enough for a current shape Mazda 5 MPV. Maybe a Ford C-Max.
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