Fighting a false insurance claim - what should I do?

Someone has claimed that I rolled back into them at traffic lights but I thought they had bumped into me from behind. At the time I got out of my car and looked at both cars, I couldn't see any damage, so we both agreed “there was no damage” and drove off.

At the time, the other driver did not get out of his car and he didn't appear too concerned. A month later my insurance company have called to ask me to make a statement about the accident as the other driver is making a claim. Can you offer any advice?

Asked on 2 December 2013 by Susie

Answered by Honest John
Yes. Make the statement that either he drove into you or your car rolled back because it was on an incline, but that there was absolutely no damage and this was agreed at the time. A question arises as to how he got your insurance details if you did not swap insurers at the time. It could be his insurer got them from MID.
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