Gearbox issue with a Peugeot Boxer camper?

I have a motor caravan on a Peugeot "Boxer" 2.5TD chassis, circa 1996. The gearbox has recently been replaced. Now, if after driving for some miles and while in 5th gear I brake it becomes impossible to disengage 5th gear unless I either accelerate rather than halting or, after halting, I wait for some time before pulling vigorously on the gear lever. As an alternative to the latter, if I slip the clutch while revving the engine to get moving again, once moving I can disengage 5th and select the appropriate gear.
Have you any idea as to what could be the cause?

Asked on 18 August 2013 by Tony

Answered by Honest John
The box has not been rebuilt properly and some of the gears are in the wrong place on the shaft.
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