Alternatives to the Land Rover Discovery?

My son has started a business for which he will need to tow a three ton trailer every couple of weeks, they are also expecting their first child in six weeks.

He has around £1500 to spend and is looking at Land Rover Discovery (300TDI) 1995/96/97 etc (the ones that come up seem to be automatic - is that a problem?)

Do you have any suggestions for alternatives vehicles for him to look at if not, accepting that the Land Rover will be nearly 20 years old, what should he be aware of?

Asked on 25 June 2013 by JohnB27

Answered by Honest John
For £1500, anything he buys could be trouble. Alternatives are Nissan Patrols, Mitsubishi Shoguns, Toyota Land Cruisers, Jeeps. Pick-ups did not get towing limits of 3,000kg or more until more recently and are so out of his price range.
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