Buying a seven-seater car for short term?

I am looking to buy seven-seat car for short period of six months. After six months am looking to sell this car.

I need advice as to which car will have the lowest depreciation for such a period? I won't be travelling a lot, it will mainly be for socialising purpose only as having visitors and new arrival in family.

I am looking to spend not more than £5k.

Asked on 13 July 2014 by rupps

Answered by Honest John
No way of avoiding a big hit because you will be buying in the summer when demand for this type of vehicle is highest and selling in the winter when demand is lowest. If buying diesel, avoid anything with a diesel particulate filter. A pre-2006 Galaxy 1.9TDCI is the most common, but any 7 seater for £5k is likely to be well used. You could get a newer, later model from Addison Lee from around £7,000, but that will have a DPF, but will also have the advantage of being automatic.
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