What estate or MPV should I buy to replace my Mondeo Edge?

I wish to change my 2006 Mondeo Edge for an estate car or good alternative. As it will be my last vehicle I am looking for something with a high ride, for ease of access, and a saloon car driving position. I have driven a Subaru Forester which I liked, except for the mpg. I have also driven a pre-2006 Honda CR-V, which I found very comfortable to drive after 300 miles, but I'm not sure about the boot space. My annual mileage is less than 5000 consisting of mainly short journeys of under 20 miles. My budget is the Mondeo plus £5000. What would you recommend this old fart to buy, who still likes a sporty drive?

Asked on 11 March 2012 by RB, Banbury

Answered by Honest John
That second generation CR-V is turning into a bit of a gem. They're chain cam engines and the petrol versions rarely go wrong (the diesels do go wrong). They're not a great drive, especially after a Mondeo, and are quite thirsty, but they are very practical, especially the automatic. The other way to go is a Nissan X-Trail 2.2DCI which is more fun to drive.
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