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Why do used car salesmen try to sell so many unwanted add-ons?

I recently decided to update my car and, having seen a suitable car on the forecourt of our local Ford dealer, I arranged a test drive. This was fine and I indicated I wished to buy the car. Then the hassle started.

The price tag had been removed between viewing and test drive and had increased by £300. Then came all the attempted add-ons: additional guarantees, warranties, servicing, Diamondbrite etc. I eventually made it clear that I wanted the car and nothing else. I arranged the transfer insurance myself but the final blow came on collecting the car, when I found they had sent the paperwork off to the DVLA listing my husband as the registered keeper.

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Unfortunately the add-ons you mention are the main ways a car salesman makes money on commission. He earns almost nothing from selling you the car, and that explains his lack of interest in customer service.

But you are right to avoid this dealer. What he should be concentrating on is ‘lifetime service’ whereby relationships develop between customers and sales staff, who become their point of contact for everything including tyres, batteries, servicing, warranty repairs, crash repairs, insurance and, of course, the customer's next car.
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