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Why is Mercedes-Benz currently pushing its Euro 6 compliant engines?

Mercedes-Benz seems to be actively promoting its Euro 6 compliant BluTec diesel engines in favour of the established Euro 5 CDi Blue Efficiency versions with, for example, its revised ML-Class announced recently, although Euro 6 standards will not be mandatory on new cars until 2015. Meantime, these are less fuel-efficient, offer a lower performance, attract a higher road fund duty, and cost more initially. Am I missing something?

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No. Mercedes-Benz builds MLs in the USA where, in some states, emissions regulations are stricter than in Europe and an expensive Urea solution called Adblue has to be used in diesels. The increased emissions kit generally being fitted to diesel engines can easily add £5000 to £10,000 in repair and maintenance costs between years three and six. This is making a much stronger argument for petrol engines, particularly as used buys. I predict that once the public cottons on to the replacement costs associated with diesel engines in years three to six, the residual values of diesel fleet cars will plummet.
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