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We have a 3-year old Audi Q5 that has done 55,000 miles. The tyres on it are 285/30 ZR 22, for which we can’t seem to get hold of replacements. Will other tyres fit?

When we input the car registration the tyres show as 255/45 R20. Can you suggest what we can do? We have been offered £25k, but we normally keep cars until they have done 80k-90k miles. Is that wise or economic? Finally, I’m looking at a Lexus RX450, Evoque, Porsche Cayenne. For comfort, which one would you suggest? I am 71.

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Get rid of the ridiculous, blingy, aftermarket 22"" wheels and buy a sensible set of 18"" or 19” or the certificated 20” wheels. 22"" 30 profile tyres must be causing serious damage to your back. I can't comment on the offer for it because you did not give enough detail. If you swap, a Lexus RX450h is very relaxing to drive. Economy better than a V6 diesel. Performance as good as a V8 petrol.

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