Is it worth replacing the faulty gearbox in our Peugeot 206?

We have a 2006 petrol automatic Peugeot Allure 206. The car came up with an ‘Automatic Gear Box Failure’ recently. We took it immediately to a Peugeot dealer. They found contaminated fluid, drained it, put new fluid in and we thought the problem was solved.

They have subsequently done an MOT and taken it out again to find the gearbox is slipping again, so we must assume permanent damage has been done. A new gearbox will cost £2,800. We are pensioners and have no other income or savings. We can get a loan. If we fit a new gearbox do you think we can get another 50,000 miles out of it? Or do you think this would be throwing good money after bad, get rid at all costs and borrow to buy an alternative vehicle?

Asked on 9 January 2012 by JE, Skipton

Answered by Honest John
The contamination is most likely to be the result of a seal failing in the transmission fluid heat exchanger inside the radiator, and if this has not been fixed the new fluid will be contaminated. I would take it to an automatic transmission specialist member of . Much better and usually a lot cheaper than a dealer.
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