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Is fuel tank condensation in my diesel tractor causing starting problems?

Some 2-3 weeks ago you ran a letter about problems with diesel fuel blockage caused by the addition of biodiesel to standard diesel and lack of use of the vehicle. I have a smallholding and two tractors running on red diesel. One tractor is kept garaged, the other kept outside. I recently started having problems with starting the tractor left outside, commensurate with fuel starvation and it followed a very wet period we have had here in North Wales. When I checked the fuel filter it was slimy, and I just thought that it was a build up of gunge or possibly the problem you highlighted in the DT letters. However this week I was discussing the problem with my neighbour's son in law who works in the marine industry servicing boats and he remarked that they had lost a big tank of red diesel due to diesel bug that is something I had not previously heard of.

His description of the problem was similar to what I had experienced with my tractor. So today I did a search to find out a bit more and I came across this link that you may find interesting. Reading the article explains the conditions that need to be present for the bug to multiply and I suspect that my problem in the problematic tractor is that of diesel bug as the tractor kept indoors running on the same red diesel stock starts first time.

Asked on 18 February 2012 by VD, Rickmansworth

Answered by Honest John
Fuel tank condensation has long been a problem on boats and another reader recommended this product:
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