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How are speed-activated traffic lights installed when used in Spain?

Would speed activated traffic lights at the approach to a village centre need to be installed on both sides of the road? (I believe they are used in Spain but do not go there). Some local people here have an aversion to "signs" of any description - they are too "urban".

Also are you aware of the website – it has enabled me to see exactly where accidents have occurred in the parish/village and their severity over the past six years with two particular hotspots evident. You can purchase reports via credits, which are helpful (there is an example on the site) although they do not indicate what were the main factors in the accident.

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Yes. Speed sensitive stoplights have been used in Spain since at least 1983, and also in Portugal and France. I've been advocating their use (with cameras for red light infringements) for 17 years, but it falls on deaf ears because it would cost more than it made in fines. This proves conclusively that speed cameras in villages were always more about income than about road safety and saving lives.
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