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Thanks to Renault for their help with our Clio's ignition barrel fault.

My daughter has a 57-reg Clio Musique and the other day could not get the key out of ignition or start the car. Eventually, she got it started. The Renault main dealer cut a new key but that got stuck in the ignition so they said it needed a new ignition barrel. The total cost was approx £420, including labour. Surely it is not acceptable on a 4-year-old car? We contacted Renault Customer Services and they have agreed to cover half the cost. They were extremely helpful and agreed that the part should not have failed. Why can't all manufacturers be so reasonable? It means, of course, that we will look favourably upon Renault when it comes to a replacement

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Renault is now very much better about this sort of thing than it used to be.
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