Where can my twins learn to drive cheaply?

I am a widow with 17-year-old twins who are keen to learn to drive. I do not want them to drive my 2006 Honda Civic and I do not have the patience or time to sit with them as they learn. How do you suggest they learn without breaking the bank?

Asked on 2 November 2012 by SB, Rickmansworth

Answered by Honest John
A local driving school. Check around and ask friends. The cheapest may not necessarily be the best choice. Be aware that, if you buy them a low insurance group car such as a Citroen C1, they can get insurance much more cheaply while they are learning and are supervised, than the premium will be once they are driving unsupervised and pose a much greater risk. Quinn Direct is unusually cheap for learners but premiums can treble as soon as the test is passed.
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