I am taking a debt collection agency to court over an unpaid parking ticket

I have corresponded on a previous occasion to you regarding a ticket issued on December 21 2010 and you advised me accordingly. Just for your information I thought you may be interested in the current situation. My letter to the debt collection firm below explains all.

"I have since received a letter stating that court proceedings are being taken. Your letter dated threatening court action in this case has been received. This course of action was suggested by me almost twelve months ago when I made it abundantly clear that I had no intention of paying this penalty without first having the opportunity of contesting the matter in Court. You chose to ignore this and embarked on a catalogue of intimidation, harassment and threatening letters. The penultimate one dated September in which you threatened a visit to my home within seven days by a debt collector resulted in one foul threat, the destruction of a traditional way of British life, that of leaving one's house open during daylight hours in order that family and friends may visit freely.

"Following your threat, which of course was never carried out, now when I leave home my wife locks herself in and will not answer a call at the front door without first checking the identity of the caller from the lounge window. Congratulations. I shall, of course, be represented in Court to defend this action where the above facts will be brought to the attention of the Court in the strongest possible manner, and, if successful, which I anticipate will be the case, an application for costs will be made."

Asked on 2 November 2012 by SJ, via email

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks. Well done. Please keep me informed, especially of the outcome. This is now very relevant because the lower house has passed the Report stage of the Protection of Freedoms Bill, including Clause 56 unamended. The British Parking Association is working on setting up an independent appeals scheme to start in October 2012. Meawhile the BPA has asked that if I receive further complaints that I feel are justified, I should ask them to register their concern at www.britishparking.co.uk/AOS-Enquiries You can find the BPA Code of Practice at: www.britishparking.co.uk/Approved-Operator-Scheme-...e
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