Is 'tick-box government' responsible for my 5-month parking ticket ordeal?

You were kind enough to wish me well at the Tribunal following my 5-month ordeal following 'A Simple Parking Ticket'. As Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Parking Team were obdurate in rejecting all my challenges, even to the extent of tampering with timings on the photographic evidence, I mistakenly thought it wise to seek intervention by the acting CEO.

This is surely an expensive example of tick-box government. Unlike Baby P I did not lose my life, I only cost the NHS more in additional medication and stress to myself. If this parking ticket is unsafe, are the processes on which they rely sound, or am I right in thinking they should be re-examined? Of course I am pleased with the Tribunal outcome, but am left with huge dissatisfaction that I do not even get a two-line apology from RBWM. My daughter's advice at the beginning "Mother, just pay up and forget it" was probably the wisest recommendation, however wrong that may be.

Asked on 11 October 2012 by MH, Henley on Thames

Answered by Honest John
A ridiculous amount of stress, but you won and there was, eventually, some justice. Take a look at this: At least, faced with the indisputable evidence, Leeds City Council grudgingly backed down.
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