Has a batch of faulty tyres been fitted to the Honda Jazz?

I took delivery of a new Honda Jazz 1.4i EX on 6 November 2009. The second annual service was carried out on 24 October 2011, at which time it had completed 8494 miles. It was found during the servicing that the two front tyres were showing cracks at the base of the grooves in the tread. The cracks are in different areas around the circumference of both tyres, which are Dunlop Sport 2030. Tyre pressures have been maintained at all times at the specified level (2.2 bar: 32 psi).

Although low mileage, the car is in constant use. I have a colleague with a 2009 Jazz that has done less than 10,000 miles and is fitted with these same tyres. These too are showing cracks in the grooves of the tread. It seems apparent that the tyres supplied fitted to the car were inherently faulty and not fit for purpose. I have written to Honda requesting replacement and await a response, but I wonder if you or any of your readers have experienced the same problem.

Asked on 28 January 2012 by RS, Harlow, Essex

Answered by Honest John
There have been some inklings of this, yes. It's covered here: www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/honda/jazz-2008/?sec...d . And to save you looking, what it says is: “Faulty batch of Dunlop tyres fitted to some 2009 Jazz. First sign is slow deflation of one or more tyres. Closer inspection may reveal cracking between the treads. If so, Honda will replace all four tyres without question.” The cracking alone is not enough to warrant replacement.
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