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Should my daughter adopt left-foot braking techniques to drive an automatic?

I have just insured my 21-year-old daughter to drive my automatic Volvo XC70. She is a calm, competent and safe driver and I have no misgivings about her driving the car. She has her own car, a manual Corsa, which will still be her regular transport, and she will drive the Volvo only occasionally, sharing the wheel on long journeys etc. This will be the first, though presumably not the last, automatic she will drive, and obviously she will continue to drive manuals as well. I am old enough to have been taught to drive automatics without using my left foot, but I know that there is a school of thought that advocates using left foot for brakes and right for throttle. Should she begin using left foot braking? My head still tells me that your left foot is for the clutch pedal only. What to do?

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The only way to remain fully in control of an automatic while manoeuvring at slow speed is to left foot brake, because the car can easily travel four metres under power and run someone over before you can move your right foot from the accelerator to the brake. Using the left foot, braking is instant. Out on the open road, there’s no need to left foot brake if you can't get used to it, but, once mastered, it will enable you to drive an automatic more smoothly.
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