Olf Fiesta on original battery won't start

I purchased my Ford Fiesta 1.3 Encore in December 1996. It has the original battery (is this a record?) The body work is in good condition and has given me trouble free motoring until now. During the recent cold snap it would not start.

What is the most likely culprit? Electrical power works eg. light, blower, then when I start the engine there is a loud clicking noise. I have had the car jump started and was able to drive it but after a few days no go. Are there other parts that could be at fault as well as the battery?

Asked on 20 February 2013 by FiestaJen

Answered by Honest John
The clicking will be the circuit breaker relay opening because the battery is not supplying enough power to turn the engine, or because the starter motor is jamming. But most likely to be a weak battery.
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