Why won't my BMW 320i start?

I have had a BMW 320i for about three months and during this time it has developed an intermittent starting fault. Basically, about every fourth time I try, the car refuses to start. I am assuming the battery is staring to go. Do I have to get a BMW approved battery or can i get one from my local car spares?

Asked on 7 November 2016 by Redcar01

Answered by Honest John
Are you pressing the clutch when you try to start? That would help. If it's automatic you probably have to press the brake. Sometimes these systems take a few seconds to catch up with themselves. But no choice over the Efficient Dynamics battery. This is a special type of battery designed to take its charge on the overrun and saves you about 5mpg. But if the car is only used for short runs, the battery will not get fully charged.
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Great to drive yet on the right wheels and tyres has a forgiving ride. More space in the back than before. xDrive four-wheel drive available. 320d Efficient Dynamics averages a claimed 68.9mpg.

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