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Micra fails to fire when cranked

My immaculate Nissan Micra with 22000miles yesterdaym for the first time ever failedm to immediately start on the first engine rotation.
The battery is fully charged, it has the correct fuel and has started and been driven happily for several days previously on this fuel, the engine was jump started, but requires the revs kept up to avoid the engine stopping.

It is not a happy engine at all and will not start unless jump started. When the engine is running all warning lights are out.

I am puzzled and also is the local garage.

Asked on 20 February 2013 by 40&80

Answered by Alan Ross
Well given that the garage has checked the air/vacuum intake system for leaks,and that they have checked out the ignition system,then we would suggest that the ECT (engine coolant temp sensor) is checked, if okay then check the CKP(crankshaft position sensor) if okay then check the MAF (mass air flow sensor).
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