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Low rolling resistance tyres in unusual size

I'm expecting to be replacing all 4 of my tyres over the next few months. I currently have the OEM Dunlop SP2030 185/55 r16 tyres that came with my 2010 Insight ES. These have lasted 35k miles but the tread is around 3-4mm and I like to replace by the time it gets down to 3mm. The Dunlops have the cracking between the treads that has unfortunately afflicted various Honda models but they're not losing any air. I have had them inspected a couple of times at a Honda dealer and also sent photos to Dunlop and both have told me that the tyres are OK to run.

Nevertheless, the cracking issue has put me off getting another set of the same Dunlops. I'd like to go for low rolling resistance tyres if possible. Unfortunately Michelin Energy aren't available in 185/55 r16.

I've had a look for tyres rated better for rolling restistance according to the new european labelling. A few options I'm considering are Bridgestone Ecopia EP150, Bridgestone Turanza ER300 Ecopia and Yokohama BluEarth AE01. They are all rated either B or C for rolling resistance and for wet braking. Nankang NK Comfort Eco 2 are also available in my size but I'm a little put off by them being budget tyres and suspect compromise somewhere (they are rated as being more noisy than the others). I'm also wary of manufacturers finding ways to get good ratings for the label that will be compromised for real world situations (a bit like the situation with the NEDC).

Another option would be to go with 195/55 r16 tyres if my insurance company is happy, as that would give me more options. My speedo under-reads slightly anyway and that size would probably result in a slightly more accurate reading.

What would be your preferred option?

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35k miles is excellent tyre mileage. I'd obviously look at Michelin Energy Savers. And for comparative information check out
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