Problems with a car bought at auction

I purchased a car from BCA which had a mechanical report. This shows the car has a good battery, drives well but has a bit of smoke from the exhaust. The vehicle is stated as all good, with the exception of this "minor" problem. I have paid for the car, and got the keys, only to find the car does NOT start, is MAJORLY smoking both inside and outside of the car, and also is not capable of a drive home, and requires towing. They have my money and it is over £6k, which gives them the upper hand. I have NOT removed the vehicle as it is not as described and they are threatening to charge me £17+vat per day for storage. What are my rights? Surely the vehicle is NOT as described and I am entitled to a refund?

Asked on 17 January 2013 by krazymonkey

Answered by Honest John
Was the car bought "with warranty", or merely with the mechanical report. If merely the mechanical report, then you have no rights. Check BCA's terms online to be sure of the terms you bought under.
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