Replacing old Skoda Felicia - what would you recommend?

We have a 1999 Felicia 1.3, bought one year old in 2000. It has been superb - very cheap and very reliable - doesn't owe us a penny and I am now a Skoda fan.

It will need replacing this year. It's on its last legs, and we need more space (4 and 6 year old kids now). Priorities in order are:
It has enough space (the Felicia is a bit of a squeeze on holidays now)
Very reliable - needs to last 7 years+
Cheap total cost of ownership

I am considering any of: Fabia Estate, Roomster, Rapid, with the 86hp TSI petrol (don't do enough mileage for diesel and most journeys are short), just waiting for the next round of 0%VAT and finance offers to come round.

Am I being too blinkered? Should I consider anything else?

Looked at Honda Jazz - too small. Ford has some nice models - too expensive, the TCO doesn't add up. Dacia? - too many unknowns, and some bad reviews.

Asked on 9 January 2013 by trevorm391962

Answered by Honest John
A Roomster is more practical and a better car than a Fabia, but both it and the Fabia are old models now and the Rapid is a new model.
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