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Increasinbg fuel consumption - is this normal?

I own a 2007 VW Passat 2.0 SEL TDI 170 DSG Estate which has covered about 75,000 miles. Until June it was averaging just over 42mpg on a combined cycle over 4500 miles, and on a run I could routinely get between 46-52mpg depending on speed in the usual way.

In June it had a fairly major service which included the diesel particulate filter being changed - and since that time, the mpg has dropped so that over the last 3500 miles it is about 39 and on a run. Even driving very carefully, it is no better than 45mpg. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

FYI I think the cam belt is due to be replaced and am wondering if this could be in any way connected?

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A lot of reports of this happening after DPF replacement with this model. It's probably because more fuel is used in regenerating the DPF.
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